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This Flower Pounding  kit is one stop shopping for a complete Mother's Day gift!

Flowers? CHECK. 

Kid-made card? CHECK

Lovely and useful gift? CHECK

What you get:

  • A gorgeous bouquet from local mama and friend Myrtle and Magnolia (a $30 value!)
  • A 100% cotton, heavy weight canvas tote bag
  • Water color paper and envelope for a special note
  • Permanent fabric markers in coordinating colors
  • Tape, waxed paper, chipboard
  • Ergonomic hammer
  • Instructions 
  • The option to have another adult you trust with a hammer(and your kids) go outside and make this while you drink your coffee while it's still hot? PRICELESS.


Flower pounding is a simple way to make beautiful prints on fabric and paper, and don't worry, you don't need to bash the whole bouquet to make the tote! If you can swing a hammer, you can do this!


Local Delivery (10 miles of 19147) on Saturday, May 8.


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