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Whether you are a  plant mom or just really feeling a boho jungle vibe, we've got you!

All the materials are washable, so there is no mess-stress, and it can be colored or painted again and again! A great craft for kiddos and grown-ups alike! 


What you get:

  • A gorgeous hand-printed monstera leaf pillow (appx 13" x13") 100% cotton heavy-weight canvas, stuffed with poly-fil. 
  • Brushes, pipettes, a spray bottle, and watercolors (choose either liquid watercolors or regular).
  • Instructions
  • A woodent tag to address with a message
  • A perfect craft to make-and-gift that is useful AND lovely? PRICELESS.


Order by THURSDAY, MAY 5th for free LOCAL DELIVERY May 7th.


Monstera Leaf Pillow

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