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In our latest and GREATEST collaboration to date, The Craftship and Beehive @Bok have added Mighty Bread's drool-worthy baked goods into our special Valentine's Day Kit! And their Sugar Cookie Decorating Kit is sure to have you swooning! 


And how better to celebrate love, family, and friendship than some Valentine's Day Crafting?

Craft your own fashion statement with, not one but two, chunky-knit necklace projects and watercolor pins for you and your Valentine.  With one necklace to "dye" with watercolors and materials to knit your own (no needles!) it would be a fun grownup-and-me  "matching" craft, or great for a pair of younger and older siblings to work together!  This would  also make a fantastic "Crafternoon" for Valentine's OR Galentine's Day!  Don't worry, these are made with cozy T-shirt yarn, so they can match anything from pjs to fancy attire!


What's included:

  • Mighty Bread's Valentine's Day Cookie Decorating Kit 
  • Three fantastic projects with instructions to craft confidently:
    • Watercolor Chunky Knit Necklace 
    • Red Chunky Knit Necklace
    • You're a Gem! Pins with Valentine 


Craft Materials Included:

  • Spool knitter: Tube, popsicle sticks, glue, decorative paper to make your own spool knitter
  • Pins: Watercolor paper, watercolors, sea salt, chalk pen, pin backs, and "card" to present to your Valentine
  • Pre-knit white t-shirt yarn necklace (all ready for you to paint with watercolors)!
  • Red t-shirt yarn enough for 1 necklace
  • Wooden beads


Local Pick-Up from the Bok Building Feb. 13th 11 AM -1 PM

Local Delivery (South Philly Only)

NO SHIPMENT! (sorry!)


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