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With so much to do, who has time for a dollhouse that stays in one place? Take your own ice palace with you, wherever you go, and keep your peg people AND furniture, safely stored  inside. This kit has 3 distinct projects in ONE box!  From painting the house, drawing icy details with a paint pen  (or oil pastels available for younger crafters!), dressing and accessorizing your peg dolls, playing interior designer with paper and using our cardstock furniture cut outs, you can bedazzle the most glamorous winter castle in all the land!  Our most delux winter kit this is full of open-ended play and crafting.


Winter House Kit Includes:

  • Detailed instructions and extension activity ideas
  • Foldable furniture printed on heavy cardstock 
  • 1  appx 10"x10"x4" natural wood house 
  • 4 wooden peg people
  • Watercolor paints  and brush
  • 1 white acrylic paint pen (or Oil Pastel for younger kiddos!)
  • Gluestick
  • A white cotton handle (to be painted!) for carrying your house 
  • Assorted decorative paper
  • Assorted fabric pieces
  • Ribbon, yarn, and beaucoup de sparkly bits
  • Beads, gems, and pom poms 
  • Pipe cleaners
  • Popsicle sticks 


Small parts included--not intended for children under 3.

Winter House

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